Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pecos, New Mexico

I have a lot of "favorite" places in New Mexico ... and for different reasons.

The area around Pecos, New Mexico, is one of my favorites because of the red dirt, big pine trees, scenic views, and the nice atmosphere. Pecos is a 30 minute drive from our house in Eldorado, and lies midway between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM.

We were in Pecos last weekend, and here are some pictures. The Pecos River flows through the town and seems to be a popular fishing spot.

And I loved the church in town, Saint Anthony de Padua.


Jenny said...

Isn't it amazing how NM has so many different kinds of places? Desert one place, mesas another, then rivers and mountains. We go up thru Las Vegas to get to Mora where we camp at least once a year. And everytime we pass thru there, my husband points out every single landmark that was in the movie Red Dawn. LOL!

that church is pretty.

Towanda said...

Jenny ~ I am just so excited to finally be living here. This is just such an adventure ~ there is so much to see and do here and so much of it is magical.

Buck said...

Gorgeous shots, Sharon. And the stone work inside the church is simply impressive.