Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breakfast Santa Fe Style

Several weeks ago, I purchased this neat little book, Breakfast Santa Fe Style, published in 2006, which is a guide to all the Santa Fe restaurants which serve breakfast and brunch. Breakfast in Santa Fe is a big thing, with a wide variety of places to choose from and crowds nearly everywhere you go for breakfast, and authors Santa Fe residents Kathy Barco and Valerie Nye have written a wonderful book -- not only their reviews of the restaurants, but including additional fun information about the city and tips on books featuring New Mexico authors and themes.

We have already used the book a lot since we purchased it -- and our only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner. The authors are in the process of publishing their newest book - Breakfast New Mexico Style, which will feature breakfast restaurants all over the state. I will be buying that one as soon as it comes out!

And here's the best part -- Valerie Nye is a blogger friend who posts at "Val on Line" -- there is a link to her blog on my site. Check out her blog -- she not only has written a great restaurant book -- but her photography is excellent, too.

Thanks for a great Santa Fe resource book, Val!


Jenny said...

Very cool.

Is that a Longaberger basket I see?

Towanda said...

Yes, I used to buy Longberger baskets some years ago (untill I realized I had too many!) ... that one is one my favorites and serves as a catch-all place for things on my kitchen table.

Did you notice the quilted piece under it? That was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law in New York -- the colors she picked were perfect for my house here!

Jenny said...

The whole layout was nice. Love the quilt, very simple, non complicated. The best kind!

I used to sell Longaberger. However, it just didn't catch on in Eastern New Mexico like I had hoped. I have a nice collection now myself and use several every day. I only wish I could have afforded to buy myself the dishes. Oh, those were so beautiful!

Buck said...

I agree with Jenny about the photo... very well-done. You've got a great eye, Sharon... as I've said so many times before.

Val said...

Thanks for mentioning the book, I am so glad you are enjoying it. And I LOVE the picture! We are really excited about the NM Book. We got the final manuscript to the publisher on Thursday. Such a relief!