Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taco Cabana in ABQ

On Thursday we went to Albuquerque to buy a recliner chair at LaZBoy.

After we were finished there it was lunchtime and Albuquerque has about a million restaurants to choose from. We were considering where to go when we saw a Taco Cabana on San Mateo.

We have been to Taco Cabana in the past in Texas and loved the quality of their fast food. So -- Taco Cabana it was! We got our order in minutes and just like in Texas, their menu and food is great! We had a good lunch and it brought back memories as well.

Doesn't get much better than good food and good memories. Served up with green chile.


Hal said...

HI. Green chile is great, isn't it. Love the smell when it's roasting. Put it on everything but ice cream.

Let Sally and I know if you'd like to get together. How about meeting in Madrid? Don't know if we can get Lin to show up. Red

Towanda said...

Hi Hal!
It's great to hear from you and YES! We would love to meet you guys! Lin had better show up! We are looking pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. How about we shoot for sometime in early March? (That will give Lin a good long time to think up an excuse. LOL) Madrid sounds good - as long as we can eat green chile there!!

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