Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some scenes at Cañoncito, New Mexico

The community of Cañoncito is southeast of Eldorado along I-25 and adjacent to the Eldorado Community Preserve. We were out there on Sunday and got some nice pictures of the area:


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Those photos got me to wanting to drive my Jeep up there so that Sally and I can see it. It's so close you would think we had seen your area my now.

Spring in NM. Great, isn't it! Red

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Three weeks gone and I'm having NM withdrawals already. It is so warm & humid here (Dallas area).... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pics!

Towanda said...

Yes, there are signs of spring all over, and I love it. I am getting gardening fever big time.

John and I have fun exploring this part of the state and finding these mountain country roads with neat scenery. My favorite road is New Mexico 3 which runs between I-25 near Pecos and 1-40 east of Clines Corners....the road has gorgeous scenery and Villanueva State Park is located along the road. That's on our list of places to do more exploring.

Soggy -- glad you are back home in New Mexico!