Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheering on the Jayhawks

We had the BEST time yesterday!

We went to Albuquerque to watch the Kansas-Missouri basketball game at a watch party held by the New Mexico Chapter of the Kansas Alumni Association at the Fox and Hound Bar and Grille. About 20 people attended, all passionate Jayhawk fans.

The game was beyond awesome, Kansas beat Missouri by 25 points .... we cheered and clapped and yelled for our team. The BEST part was meeting all those Jawhawk alums and having fun sharing our love for our alma mater. There were some really nice people there of all ages and talking to many of them was great. It was our first Kansas Alumni event in New Mexico, and we will go to more watch parties in the future.

The Fox and Hound was pretty nice -- we had fish and chips that were good and we watched the game on about 6 TVs that were in the room.

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK....even in Albuquerque!

(Fox and Hound Logo from their website.)


Buck said...

It's GOOD to get together with fellow alums... and it's a way-cool thing you have a local chapter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Were's the Fox and Hound? Sounds like a good pub to go. Red

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Were's the Fox and Hound? Sounds like a good pub to go. Red

Towanda said...

Buck - I am so excited to have a local alumni chapter that I can be involved with. The two hardest things for me leaving Kansas were leaving my son and daughter in law, and leaving Jayhawk Territory behind.

Hi Red! Fox and Hound is near the intersection of 1-25 and Osuna on the north side of ABQ. It was a fun place to watch the game, and the food we had was very good, but the other almuni people said they have been there on occasions when they have complained about the food, so I don't know whether to recommend it.

Anonymous said...
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