Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doing Something New

Retirement is so much fun!

You get to either sit back and become old … or do some of the things you have always wanted to do!

I am not interested in becoming old and decrepit any time soon, so this is the time to enjoy all the free time to do new things.

With that in mind, John and I did something on Sunday that probably none of our friends and relatives ever dreamed we would do. We probably never even dreamed we would do it!

We took a gun safety class at Tina’s Gun Store / Firing Range in Santa Fe. We learned about gun safety, we got to handle various handguns, we learned all about shooting stances and positions, and we got to shoot several guns on the firing range. We had a great teacher named Mark who was informative but patient with us, especially the three newbies in the class.

I learned a LOT, and I found out I have the manual dexterity as well as the coordination to shoot a firearm and hit a target. That was a personal achievement for me.

Why did we do this? Several reasons. We feel we need to be concerned about personal protection and self defense in this society we are living in. Also we live in a semi-rural area, where we have rattlesnakes and bobcats and other potentially dangerous wildlife in our midst.

But perhaps most important to us as American citizens, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is important to us - you know, the one that gives us the right to keep and bear arms and which protects us against a government that may in the future become tyrannical.

What is the next step? We will return to Tina’s to practice shooting various handguns on the firing range, to become more proficient and to try out different firearms to decide which ones we might want to purchase.

And here all this time you thought we were sitting in our rocking chairs watching the sunsets from our portal!!


Buck said...

With that in mind, John and I did something on Sunday that probably none of our friends and relatives ever dreamed we would do.

GOOD on ya, Sharon! Times two!! (or maybe three. or four!)

Anonymous said...

Good plan. Sally and I have 'concealed carry' and belong to a out door range where we shoot regularly. We carry when we go into Albuq. and when ever we travel. Hope not have to use on a two-legged maggots, but I don't cancel my insurance either. Red

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

Let us know when you get your gun!

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Terrific Sharon!! Bryan (husband) just completed a two day concealed weapons permit class and applied last Tuesday for his permit. I'll do it too eventually. He said it was a great class and included was a book called "The Concealed Handgun Manual - how to choose, carry & shoot a gun in self defense" by Chris Bird. You may not necessarily be interested in a concealed weapons permit but it sounds like the book is a good one to read.

You can be a rootin', tootin' grandma now!! hee hee

Towanda said...

Buck - Thanks. It was time to learn this new skill so we can be absolutely sure of being safe when we actually purchase a firearm.

Red - My thoughts on owning a firearm are the hope that we would NEVER EVER have to use it for protection, but in this society who knows.
I remember when I first started reading Lin's blog there were some pictures of all of you shooting at targets at the Rat. I remember thinking it looked like you were having fun!

Karin - Will do!
You defintely do not need to fear -- this step will make our house safer, not unsafe. And that is why we are doing this right and learning how to be responsible firearm owners.

Sogs -
Thanks for the info including the book title. We aren't even at the point yet where we are thinking of concealed carry, but it is not an option I would rule out. I am glad New Mexico is a state that at least gives us the OPTION.