Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The March wind doth blow and we shall have snow..

We are in the midst of that wacky unpredictable early spring month of March when you never know what will happen weatherwise.

We woke up to snow yesterday morning; it snowed all during the early morning and really looked pretty. Then late morning, the snow stopped, the sun came out and everything melted. But it was pretty to watch for a few hours.


Buck said...

We need precip in the WORST way down in these parts. Despite my aversion to snow I'd take it, were it offered. But rain would be SO much nicer... ;-)

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Nothing here yesterday but blue skies... and wind. They have started (about 2-3 weeks early I'm told) running the water in the irrigation ditches so our landlord will be out today to flood the yard - Hannah & Maggie will be in HEAVEN!!!
Yep, more rain would be great!

Anonymous said...

We also had about one inch or so. Sure was pretty. I heard that we may get some more in a day or so.

Hi Buck. Red

Buck said...

Hey Red!