Saturday, March 21, 2009

Early signs of spring in Eldorado

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and there are signs of its arrival in our yard.

Perennials getting green again. Bushes and trees beginning to get buds. Lots of nice sun, many birds at our feeders.

Here are two of our first bushes that are showing new leaves:

I don't know what this little bush is, but it has pretty little compact green leaves:

Forsythia bush just beginning to bloom in our front courtyard:

The dogs enjoy a warm morning on the front portal:

Sugar exploring in the back yard:


Buck said...

Forsythia is one of my absolute FAVE Spring bloomers... and I always had 'em in the garden in all my homes... in my previous life, of course. :D

Isn't the difference in climate amazing in only a couple of hundred miles difference, and in the same state? My cherry tree is pretty much all leafed out now; the blossoms long-gone.

Kris, in New England said...

We're seeing the signs here too - tho nothing as dramatic as what you show. We see buds starting to poke out on our Forsythia and Lilacs; some of the trees are starting to look red around the edges - a sure sign spring is on the way.

Which, in New England, means we'll get our butts kicked with more snow at some point!

Towanda said...

Buck - I agree -- NM has such a diverse climate -- your blooming things are ahead of ours -- I think it is the altitude we are at for one thing -- cooler here and spring arrives later.

I love forsythia, too.

Kris --

Yes, I feel like we have more snow ahead too, so I am trying to refrain from planting anything too soon! Don't you just love watching all the buds pop open and new green stuff poking up through the soil?