Monday, February 23, 2009

Trailhead #4, Eldorado Wilderness

Yesterday was our first hike on Traihead #4 in the Eldorado Wilderness and it was my favorite so far. The scenery was not as spectacular as the views from the other trailheads, but the trail was wider and more easily accessible and opens into a nice semi-meadow. Lots of really nice piñon pines. It was just a gorgeous day - blue sky and temperature in the upper 50s.


Buck said...

Are you required to keep the dogs on their leads while on the trail(s)? That seems like it would take all the fun out of it for them... OTOH, it makes life easier for y'all, if they have the tendency to run off in all directions like some pups I've known and loved in my past!

Towanda said...

I am not sure what the rules are, I would suspect dogs must be leashed, but I know that with our own two, we never let them outside (except our fenced yard of course) without their leashes.They are rescue dogs and we never know what they will do. I suspect my male dog would love to RUN if he could. I am afraid the wilderness area with its wild animals would not be safe for dogs running loose.