Monday, September 21, 2009

The cotoneaster in my backyard

The former owner of our home planted three cotoneaster plants in the backyard. I am so glad he did, because this unobtrusive little shrub has become one of my favorite parts of our landscaping, especially in the fall, when the bushes become covered with bright red berries, right at the time that most other of my flowering shrubs are declining.

Cotoneaster is a compact horizontally spreading shrub with tiny leaves which form in a herringbone pattern. At the very most the plant will reach 3 feet in height but the width may spread to 15 feet. They grow well in New Mexico because they are considered drought resistant and like full sun. The red berries, which appear in the fall will last into the winter, and will attract birds, bees and butterflies; the birds may use them as an emergency food source in the winter.

Here’s a few pictures of the cotoneasters in my backyard:


Bag Blog said...

I like the red. I bet they add lots of color this fall.

Buck said...

I'd never heard of these before... and they're quite pretty.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

We had a great one in Maple Valley, WA - LOVED it!!! Thanks for sharing your pics.