Sunday, September 6, 2009


We have a wild shrub that is currently blooming all over our property. It's covered with yellow flowers. The best I can find out is that this is a plant called rabbitbrush.

It's not chamisa - chamisa is a much larger but similar looking plant that is just about to bloom everywhere around Santa Fe. I would guess they are in the same family.

Anyway it is pretty and is currently adding a nice splash of color to our high desert terrain.


Buck said...

It would be easy to mistake the first pic for forsythia... until one viewed the larger version.

Bag Blog said...

We had a bush like that growing outside our little house in NM. Jesse's 5th grade biology book started off (September of 92) by showing all the bugs that gather on a goldenrod bush. Our bush was not goldenrod, but it was full of various bugs and bees and was a great biology lesson and a great memory for me.