Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sad looking little hydrangea.

My daughter and son in law gave me a hydrangea plant for Mother's Day. They ordered it from a florist in Santa Fe and asked for a plant that grows well in our high desert / low humidity area.

So..the florist sent a hydrangea - which I found out later does NOT like sunshine and loves a lot of water. Perfect for Santa Fe, right? *rolling eyes*

So it became my challenge. I put it in a shady place and watered it every day. The thing looked good all summer. I noticed a week ago that it was putting out dozens of tiny new leaves, so I got quite drastic and chopped off every single one of the old leaves to give the new ones a chance to get all the water and nutrients.

Looks pretty sad right now, huh? But I think the outcome might be a good one. I'm watching you, little plant. I think you're going to flourish.


WasSoggyInSeattle said...

I am laughing so hard... I'm sorry, its not funny but when you said that the Santa Fe florist sent a hydrangea 'because the grow well here" well, I just burst out laughing.

We had BEAUTIFUL, HUGE, hydrangeas in Washington... nope, don't do great in full sunshine (although I did have one do OK with afternoon sun) but they do need the water. Consistently. Mine bloomed pretty much late spring through much of hte summer as long as I kept it watered & deadheaded. I think they bloom on new growth so be careful pruning it.
Still laughing, I'm sorry, really I am.

Towanda said...


I am going to post some progress reports with pictures over time....

...unless it croaks, then you have seen the last of the Hydrangea Experiment. LOL

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

I'm hoping it thrives... ours did lose all its leaves in the winter so don't pitch it if it does... at least winter it over until spring.

And I'm just giggling now... hee hee