Friday, October 2, 2009

The Flint Hills Prairie in Kansas

I'm going to depart from my New Mexico theme for the next few posts, to share some pictures that John took last week when we passed through Kansas on our way to Missouri.

The Flint Hills Prairie in Chase County, KS, is one of our favorite places in the state. When we lived in Kansas, we made many trips there at various times of the year because we loved the scenery, the prairie grasses and flowers, and the wide open spaces there so much.

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Buck said...

MOST excellent photos! Back when I was "on the road" I had the opportunity to meander on two-lane roads across the prairie during Spring. I had no particular destination in mind, I was just "being." The scenery is spectacular in its own unique way and the skyscapes can be both thrilling and threatening during that time... if'n ya get my drift. :D