Monday, October 26, 2009

Homeward bound through Southern Colorado

Last weekend we returned to New Mexico on Hwy. 285 all the way from Denver to Santa Fe. This was BY FAR a more scenic route than Interstate 25. Here are some pictures we took of the scenery along the way:

The Rio Grande winding through southern Colorado.


Buck said...

I took me a couple of months after I hit the road (when I retired and bought the RV) to realize I was doing it all wrong... and that the two-lane highways were where it was REALLY at. It was hard to shake that ol' Type A behavior... the kind that tells you make as many miles as you can in a single day and all that.

That said... I've been up and down 285 a lot, LOL! Great pics!

verif-word: cowdaye, which is every day on those two-lane roads!

Val said...

Amazing drive! I haven't been this route. It takes so long to get out of Colorado from Denver - you might as well enjoy all of the scenery!