Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our "new" piece of furniture

We have an old Lane hope chest, bought in 1992, the year I graduated from the University of Kansas. It is filled with family mementoes and old stuff, pictures, papers, etc.

But it was beginning to look a little shabby, especially the beige covering on the top, which was getting really threadbare.

So...we went and bought a piece of upholstery fabric to match the Southwestern style of our house, and John recovered the chest. It was his first time doing something like this, and it came out really nice, didn't it? It's like having a new piece of furniture.


Bag Blog said...

That is beautiful - and a good idea. We have a cedar chest that a friend in Red River made for us, but over the years the top is getting pretty worn. Jesse has a hope chest that we had made for her when she was about 15. It is full and ready for when she gets married.

Buck said...

Well done! It's beautiful.