Friday, November 6, 2009

Gettin' to know the folks

As new Republican precinct chairs, John and I get to pretty much have a free rein in deciding how to reach out to the registered Republicans and Independents in our precinct. Our first effort has been a letter of introduction and information to the registered Republicans (who have voted in the past) in our precinct.

We spent the past week composing a letter, revising and adding and correcting until we were completely happy with it. On Tuesday we mailed out 158 letters. On Wednesday we began getting back some responses. Several people have called us on the telephone, several people have emailed us. (We expect many of the letters will be returned as people have moved from the precinct.)

What we are finding from the responses we have gotten are some very enthusiastic people out there who are glad someone is getting our precinct organized and getting out information to the GOP voters.

The Republican Party in Santa Fe County has been dormant for a long time, due to the overwhelming Democrat influence in our local politics. But that is changing, as a very cool group of committed Republicans throughout the county is becoming organized and energized. And being a part of it from the beginning is really exciting and fun, especially for political junkies like us.

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Brigette said...

Good for you! It's a lot of work, but worth it.