Monday, November 16, 2009

Snowy Sunday in Santa Fe

We had several inches of fresh snow in Santa Fe Saturday night and Sunday morning.

We drove around Santa Fe, showing the city to John's cousin Peter who is visiting, and the snow made a lovely setting for the following pictures:


Buck said...

I've never been up your way when the snow flies... as (a) I have a terminal aversion to frozen precip and (b) my car tries to kill me when the going gets icy/snowy (light-assed rear wheel drive sports cars with wide tires HATE snow).

You're right: the pics are gorgeous.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...


Not that much snow here and it lasted about a nano-second. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I have some pictures of that bronze covered wagon group with kids instead of snow on it. I'm not sure if the museum folks want kids climbing on it, but mine LOVE to.

Brigette said...

Hit save by accident. I think my comment will appear signed just "b"