Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hispanos Unidos

A week or so ago, John and I attended a meeting of a group here in New Mexico called Hispanos Unidos. This is an organization formed to combat the huge problem of voter fraud here in the state.

Our state government has made the election laws here so lax that any special interest group with enough money can literally buy our local and state elections.

No identification is required for voting in New Mexico. At the polls, you can simply state your name and be handed a ballot, even though you just used a phone book and looked for a name and address, and presented yourself as that person. This has resulted in rampant fraud. Hispanos Unidos has found that this happened over and over again in the 2008 election, leaving actual voters disenfranchised when they went to the polls and were told they had already voted. They were then allowed to vote on a provisional ballot, which was then thrown out by their county clerk.

Other things which have been happening in New Mexico election in recent years are:
~~~Dead people had their votes count; living people did not have their votes count
~~~53% of absentee voters were disenfranchised
~~~“Community organizations” such as ACORN were making threats to citizens, and forcing illegal aliens who didn’t even want to vote to go to the polls and vote as they told them.

None of this is wild-eyed crazy imagined stuff; everything Hispanos Unidos reports has been fully documented.

Hispanos Unidos is promoting election reform. At the meeting we heard from the chairman of the organization Victor Contreras from Las Cruces, and also from Jaden Hamilton, who works with the organization in a leadership position.

Jaden’s mother, Dianne Hamilton, is a New Mexico state representative from Silver City who is sponsoring a bill in the state legislature which simply asks that voters at all polling places be required to show a photo ID. However, at this point the request for a photo ID bill has been dismissed by the House Voters and Elections Committee, who have stated that no fraud occurred in the 2008 General Election. This despite the fact the Hispanos Unidos is able to provide thousands of pages of documented election fraud!

Oh yes, and there is this -- a recent poll shows 82% of our citizens want photo identification at the polls.

Hispanos Unidos is using the donations they receive to produce TV ads (excellent ones - we were shown several of them) to air in as many TV outlets in New Mexico as possible.

According to their website, Hispanos Unidos supports:

• Tougher penalties for voter fraud
• Photo ID at the polls
• Amending the state constitution to allow for referendum—taking issues like tax increases, voter laws, social issues, etc. to the people to vote on during elections
• Web cam or television coverage of all legislative committee meetings.

It was an altogether eye-opening meeting for John and I. You can find more information at the organization’s website:

Hispanos Unidos

The motto of the organization is "Tu voto es poder." "Your vote is power."

"The right to vote includes the right not to have one's vote diluted by someone who shouldn't be voting, who votes twice, or who doesn't even exist." ~John Fund


mamasw said...

Wow... just... WOW!

I can't imagine being allowed to vote without photo ID! How on earth could a thing like this have happened?

Good luck with this! God bless this action!

Towanda said...

mama - I knew things were bad as far as voter fraud -- but I never DREAMED it was this bad! The amazing thing is that everything these Hispanos Unidos people have is well documented.

Seems they are the most angry about all the college kids at NM State University down in Las Cruces whose votes were stolen last year - for some of those kids it was their first election. What kind of bad taste is that leaving in their mouths for their future in the political process? The whole thing is just an outrage in a free country.

Bag Blog said...

Many parts of NM are like a third world country - change does not come easy to them. Fraud and corruption are a way of life. Because my husband was the manager for a large waste company, he dealt with many government officials in NM. Aieee, the stories I could tell you!

Jenny said...

I'll be the first to admit that I don't think I've ever had to present ID at our polls here. However, the old ladies running the polls in our tiny district knows you and everything about your family, including the birth weight of every child you've had (and a mother-in-law who also is working the polls and has her scrapbooks handy to show to anyone that hasn't seen the most recent pictures of her grandchildren).

But even though they know me and everyone else, I wouldn't mind if they asked for my id.

I've worked the polls myself before (for a municipal election. Four people voted). While it's long and boring since our district is so small, you do get some good food, since we do a pot luck for the event.