Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Santa Fe Friends of Capitalism

Last night we attended the monthly meeting of the Santa Fe Friends of Capitalism at the Rio Chama Restaurant in Santa Fe. We have been hearing about this grassroots political organization for months now, and this was our first time to attend.

First of all. I was surprised at the number of people in attendance. We estimated there were 50-55 people there. There were some people there who are already friends and acquaintances of ours. We met some new people during the evening.

I emphasize that the organization is grassroots; this is not a Republican organization. There were a lot of Republicans there, but also libertarians, independents, and I am told, a few Democrats. The organization is listed as a non-profit PAC, but I would categorize it more as a pro-capitalism think tank.

According to their website, “Santa Fe Friends of Capitalism want to stop this relentless growth in the scope and interference of local government.” The people there all have a smaller government, pro-free market frame of reference.

We heard several speakers: Jon Barela, a candidate for U.S. Congressman, NM 1st District; Aseneth Kepler, candidate for Mayor of Santa Fe; Patrick Lyons, the New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands; and Jim Scarantino, the webmaster of New Mexico

John and I will continue to attend these meetings, for several reasons: a chance to learn more of the the issues and concerns of Santa Fe residents, an opportunity to meet candidates for political office, and an added way to make new friends who believe like we do.

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