Monday, May 18, 2009

Eldorado Studio Tour 2009

This past weekend was the annual Eldorado Studio Tour. We were just moving in last year and we missed it.

Yesterday we went to two of the 96 Eldorado homes where there were studio tour stops. One was next door, where our neighbor Letty does colorful and creative tapestry, as well as pastel water colors. She has an interesting history as an art teacher at the high school and then university level. She has a wonderful little studio in her home, and has very impressive talent. Here is one of her tapestries:

Letty's friend James Koehler lives just down our road, and she encouraged us to go down and visit his stop on the studio tour. He lives in an absolutely stunning contemporary adobe style home and he has built a huge studio on the back of his house where he does his work and teaches weaving students. The best part was, he is such a genuinely nice man who was so happy to meet a couple of neighbors. He took us for a tour of his home, and asked us to come back and visit his studio at any time. His weaving seems to be done in basically primary colors; here is one of his pieces:

I would love to have a tapestry from either one of these two really talented artists, but frankly it was out of our price range.

Judging by how impressed we were with the two visits we made, maybe on the 2010 tour, we can go to more of the 96 stops on the tour. We continue to marvel at the creative and interesting people we have met who live out here in Eldorado.


Buck said...

Very impressive work, on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Haven't responded to your blog for some time. Haven't forgotten. Two days late, but congrats on your first year. Sounds like your two are still enjoying our fair state. Later, Red