Sunday, May 10, 2009

The little white flowers

We have a lot of these flowers around our backyard. They open up in the morning, then close in the afternoon. They have been around for a week or more, so I think they bloom for quite a while in the springtime.

I am guessing they are a wild mallow native to this part of the country. I saw some growing along the roadside between here and Albuquerque last weekend.


Bag Blog said...

When tourist would ask, "What kind of flower is that?" the standard answere was "Rocky Mountain White (or whatever color it was) Flower!"

Towanda said...

I love it, Lou! I now have a name for my flower...several names:

Sangre de Cristo White Flowers

Rocky Mountain White Flower

Santa Fe White Flower


Lin said...

I LOVE those flowers. Have the little orange ones popped up there yet? I had them out at the ranch and now here but have had no luck in transplanting them - but growing in the driveway just doesn't seem fitting.

Buck said...

They ARE beautiful. Nice shot, Sharon!

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Beautiful photo! I was going to go to c-d and see if I could describe it well enough to get an answer. I haven't seen them close up but they are all along the I-25 median between Bernalillo & ABQ.