Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Republican Party of Santa Fe County

Last night John and I went to the first annual meeting of the Republican Party of Santa Fe County. There were about 50 people in attendance.

The people who are getting this up and running already have a slate of officers, a mission statement, a platform, and some basic good ideas to get the ball rolling.

We know we are tiny, and the task is daunting, and progress here in Santa Fe is going to be very slow. But there is a two party system in this country that works pretty well, and we all believe we need a two party system here in Santa Fe.

The BEST PART about the meeting last night? The enthusiasm of every single person who was there. People did not wait for the “open mike” session at the end of the meeting -- this group wanted to talk and vent and make suggestions - maybe for the first time in Santa Fe, they felt like they have a place to make their voices heard … and a way to start making an impact on the future?

We are facing a lot of work to do … a lot. And we will be needing every single Republican we can find who wants to get involved. For us in this newly organized GOP local party, everything is about the future -- and right now it is a clean slate and we begin forging a new chapter in Santa Fe politics. We exist, we’re here -- and we’re ready to roll!


Buck said...

Wow! Good on ya, and the other 50 people, as well. But "uphill battle" doesn't BEGIN to describe the task you face. I think the young are key, here. Us older folks have "been there, done that," whereas the young (I'm talking 20-somethings, mostly) have been force-fed Liberal ideologies from Day One... and that's also true of a lot of 30-somethings.

May I ask... what were the ages of those in attendance last night? And is there a strategy for getting younger folks in Santa Fe involved? Or is it too early to tell or talk about that?

Anonymous said...

Ages 25 -35 (2)
35 - 55 +/- (10)
55 + (35 +)

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Lin said...

In Santa Fe?!?! I will never cease to be amazed at the wonders of this world!

Sounds like you had a marvelous time though.

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

I'm glad you went. I think that may have been something politically lacking in your life in OP. It's nice to unite (even in a small group) for a common cause. I should know!

And, BTW, Buck, I was force-fed conservative ideologies from Day One and turned out a flaming liberal. :) Miracles do happen if you believe.

Towanda said...

I am not so sure I would use the word "force fed". You did get dragged to a lot of political events, though. :-D The miracle will be when you come home to your roots. LOL ;)

Towanda said...

Buck -- Anonymous is just about right on the breakdown of age groups. That is a real concern to me. We NEED to get young people involved in the GOP again. I would see that as a primary goal in this new endeavor we are undertaking in Santa Fe.

Since I have been here, I've heard stories of people who are afraid to step out of the shadows and declare they are Republicans. Fear of it having a negative effect on their jobs as well as their personal safety. I don't know if that kind of fear is warranted, but I did meet a Hispanic woman whose husband was a dentist for years in Santa Fe, and they felt they never could tell anyone they were Republicans. Now he has retired and their attendance at the tea party was the first big step into public for them. They expected a handful of people at the plaza that day, but they had the courage to come anyway -- and they were astounded to find hundreds of people there.

Buck said...

Karin sez: "Miracles do happen if you believe."

I'm with your Mom, Karin. My parents were conservative as well, and I rebelled and became a flaming liberal in my youth, too. I "came home" sometime around my 35th birthday. Fortunately my Dad lived to see my conversion... or reversion, whatevah. So, yeah... miracles DO happen. :D

Anon's figures don't surprise me, Sharon. Your story about the dentist gives me some hope... but I'll feel MUCH better when I see more "Young Republicans" in NM. It can happen!

Brigette said...

So nice to meet you at the party meeting, Sharon.

Age distribution -- were you there, Anonymous? The count does, alas, seem accurate. But you should have been to the annual County GOP convention a couple of months ago, where we elected the officers. There were a LOT of young people there. I was amazed and thrilled to see it.

I was force-fed liberal ideology, came from a Democrat family, had leftist college professors, and look how I turned out anyway.