Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another pilgrimage to Angel Fire

I have been to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Angel Fire many times. Every time I go there, I am as moved emotionally as I was the first time I went there. I especially wanted my brother Jake, who is a Vietnam veteran, to visit there.

Debbie and I looked through the grounds, the chapel and the museum together, but we left Jake to go off by himself, where he could be alone with his memories and thoughts.

When Dr. Victor Westphall chose a spot to build a memorial to his son David, who was killed in Con Thien, Vietnam in 1968, he chose one of the most beautiful spots in New Mexico. The memorial is worth a visit. And then another. And another.


Buck said...

Yet again: superlative photos, Sharon.

Towanda said...

Thanks, Buck.
I am in tears the minute I walk onto the grounds of the Memorial, and they continue until I leave. It is such a special and emotional place.