Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Palisades Sill near Cimarron

I have posted pictures of the Palisades Sill before - it is on my list of favorite scenes in New Mexico. I am going to post the pictures we took at our stop there several weeks ago, since it was part of the trip we took around the Enchanted Circle, and I never get tired of photographing it.

The Palisades are located along the Cimarron River between Cimarron and Eagle Nest. Suddenly arising along the quiet, scenic drive along the river, they are a stunning sight - especially the first time you see them.

Talking to some people from Missouri:

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Buck said...

Dang, Sharon... I posted almost exactly identical views a couple o' years ago, even down to playing in the creek! I agree with you about the spectacular nature of the place; it's simply awe-inspiring.

Nice pics!