Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes around Cimarron

Cimarron, New Mexico is a sleepy little town packed full of the history and characters from the Old West.

On the day we were in Cimarron, we walked around and enjoyed some of the sights in the town:

The old Cimarron jail:

Deer spotted along the Cimarron River:


Bag Blog said...

I assume you went to the old grist mill/museum and had a drink at the St. James to see the bullet holes in the ceiling of the old bar. Hopefully you had an ice cream at the CreeMee. Did you drive back through Rayado and Miami?

Towanda said...

Hi Lou,

The old grist mill/museum was closed the day we were there.

We were planning to have lunch in Eagle Nest, so we didn't stop for ice cream at CreeMee.

And the St. James? Hotel? Well that's for the next post.

Towanda said...

Oh -- and I don't know the route through Rayado and Miami. I guess I need to research that for the next trip.

Bag Blog said...

Do research the route. It takes you through Philmont Scout Ranch and you can tour the museum and Phillips Mansion. Rayado was the original settlement for the Maxwell Land Grant. Then Miami is just beautiful ranch land with a few houses still. You come out in Springer on I-25.

Towanda said...

Ph, I have been that way years ago. It is in the opposite direction from the way we were headed. We went from Santa Fe to Taos, Angel Fire, etc. and on around the Enchanted Circle. Going east to Springer would not have been in the route we were taking.