Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tea Partying at the Roundhouse

Tuesday, September 6 was a brilliant sunshiney early fall day in Santa Fe. It was also the opening day of the special session of the state legislature.

The combined tea party groups from around the state gathered to petition the legislature to pass a law repealing New Mexico driver's licenses for illegal aliens. We had a good crowd,and some excellent speakers.

Jake and Debbie enjoyed taking part in the tea party rally. Debbie and I wore T-shirts that said "Santa Fe New Mexico Tea Party" and got a lot of attention.

I saw one Democrat legislator in the crowd, my own representative, Brian Egolf, and Debbie and I had fun engaged in a lively political discussion with him. I don't agree with him on nearly anything, but he is fun to talk to and always a good sport.

There was another group taking part in the opening day event, a pro-illegal immigration group who were supporting the right of illegals to get New Mexico driver's licenses. THEY didn't have to meet outside; they held their rally right in the rotunda of the building. One of the speakers even said, "I am an illegal resident of the state...." My brother said, How can someone stand in the state capitol building and confess to being illegal and not get arrested? Two words: "sanctuary city."

Here are some pictures of OUR rally at the Roundhouse entrance:

Jake and Debbie at the rally:

Sherry Morrison and Orlando Baca:

Therese Cooper of the East Mountain Tea Party:

Lt. Governor John Sanchez:

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