Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visiting Taos

Jake, Debbie and I spend an afternoon and an overnight in Taos two weeks ago.

We did shopping on the plaza, drove out to the Rio Grande Bridge, drove up to Taos Pueblo (which was closed to visitors when we were there) and stopped at Taos Mountain Casino for a little gambling and dinner. There was some heavy rain during the afternoon.

I guess we were having a great time, because I forgot to take many pictures.

At the Taos Plaza:

At the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge west of Taos:


Bag Blog said...

Toby's office was out by the Gorge bridge as was the landfill. Did I mention that Toby ran several waste companies in Northern NM including the one in Santa Fe?

Towanda said...

I think I remember you saying that Toby used to work out by the Gorge Bridge. The view from out there is just magnificent!

I opted out of using Waste Management at my house, and I take all my trash to the county transfer station. It's a pain, but cheaper.

Buck said...

Did ya walk across the bridge? I found the traffic vibrations and the easily discernible movement of the bridge MOST unnerving... but I walked across the thang. Which more of an exercise in "facing your fear" than anythang else (I have a pretty well-developed case of acrophobia). ;-)

Towanda said...

Heck no. I have trouble even looking down at the river below from the lookout sites.

I will have to live with my acrophobia; nothing is ever going to get me out onto that bridge.