Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall means chile ristras!

You see them all over our area in the fall ... but there is nothing like having one hanging on your portal and getting to see it every morning when you look out the window! I guess everything seems more exciting the first year you do it.

(Bonus points for anyone who sees my dog Sugar in the picture...)


Bag Blog said...

I have some little peppers that came out of my garden. They are turning a beautiful red. Although they are only a couple of inches long I thought I might string them into a rista. Pretty silly!

Buck said...

My ristra hangs indoors, semi-draped over the edge of a mirror... my ONE piece of Southwest decor, LOL!

Towanda said...

Oh wouldn't it be fun to try to string them? I never thought to try making my own ristra.

Maybe we need to be teaching Buck the correct display of a ristra! LOL

SoggyInSeattle said...

We bought our first two ristras the other day. It IS exciting!!!!