Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's fall in the Land of Enchantment!

Our days are getting shorter. Our summer flowers have faded. The grass has gotten brown. There is a chill in the morning and night air. It really has begun to look and feel like fall here.

I love New Mexico in the fall, in fact it is my favorite season here. The chamisa are in bloom … seems like EVERYWHERE. The aspens up in the mountains are a blaze of color. New Mexico chiles and apples and piñon nuts are in season -- strings of chile ristras for sale on street corners make the city so colorful. Down in Albuquerque they are having the spectacular annual Balloon Fiesta. Tumbleweeds are maturing all over and will soon break free and be blowing around everywhere.

We bought our red chile ristra at Tin-Nee-Ann Trading Post in Santa Fe last week and it is hanging on our front portal. We can see it from our bedroom and dining room windows.

And … any day now we can expect to see some snow up on the mountain top. It’s fireplace weather!

In years past, we came to New Mexico in October but only were here for a few days of enjoyment of the autumn weather. This year we get to be here for the entire season! Life is good! Time to make some green chile stew!

These colorful fall flowers were blooming in Chimayó when we were there a few weeks ago. (We need to get more pictures of the wonderful fall color out here so stay tuned.....)


Buck said...

...the wonderful fall color out here...

The wonderful Fall color here today is GRAY. As in: leaden skies, off-and-on rain... all day, so far.

But! I LOVE it! It's very cool (always welcome, at first) and any rain we get here on The High Plains is always a Good Thing. But there'll be no verandah-sitting today, I'm afraid.

Looking forward to more pics!

Towanda said...

Buck - Maybe you are getting the weather we had last night. It rained all night long (really unusual for here; usually the storms come quickly and end quickly. This one left some snow on the mountains and much cooler temperatures and it's still kind of gray here too.) But I agree, we need any moisture we can get in NM.

Val said...

Thanks for reminding me to take many moments in the next couple of weeks to enjoy fall!