Thursday, October 30, 2008

More scenery - Cochiti Lake and Peña Blanca area

Here is some of the dramatic scenery around the Cochiti Lake, Peña Blanca, Dixon's apple farm area:

This is the Pueblo de Cochiti Municipal Golf Course. What a setting!


Buck said...

...some of the dramatic scenery...

"Dramatic" is certainly the proper term! One almost expects to see John Wayne on horseback in these pics, with the possible exception of the golf course. Well, mebbe there, too! ;-)

DaveG said...


I found my way over here to your blog from Buck's place, which I found over at Lex's place. The wife and I are at that stage in life where we can see the light at the end of the child-raising tunnel and have to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives, and where to do it. We've been looking at Arizona (specifically Flagstaff) and also have New Mexico on our list of places to visit. After reading your archives, it looks like our next trip will be to Santa Fe.

So... Thanks!

SoggyInSeattle said...

Towanda - Have you made it to Tent Rocks yet? They are past the Pueblo and well worth the drive - amazing!!! There are several scenes from the movie Silverado filmed there.

Bag Blog said...

Very beautiful photos! I love the color in the fall.

When I leave a comment here, I get an email failure notice from you. It took me a while to figure out who and what they were, but I still don't know what to do to fix it. I tried to email you yesterday, but that failed too. I just wanted to say that I my dad was from Wichita Falls and we moved there in 1968. My mom and brother are still there. I'm only an hour a way in OK.

Towanda said...

Buck - I am just constantly amazed at the beauty of New Mexico. It would be impossible for me to name my favorite place in the state because there are countless stunning places. I am so glad to be here.

daveg - Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am so happy to hear that my pictures have influenced you in some little way. I think a trip to New Mexico is a great idea for you and your wife, and maybe you will fall in love with the state like my husband and I did long ago. I will be interested to hear your impressions of the Santa Fe area when you visit. And keep coming round to check out my blog -- my hubby takes the pictures and I post them frequently.

Soggy -- We saw the road signs for Tent Rocks and we didn't have time Sunday to make the side trip to visit the our dogs were in the car, and we couldn't get out and hike around a lot. It will be on our list for sometime soon. Wow - that is gorgeous country out there, isn't it?

Lou -- I am puzzled. I don't know why you are getting emails when you post here. I DID find out why you can't SEND me an email ... I went into my profile and checked around and I still had my old Kansas email address on there; so I updated that and you should be able to send an email. But those failure notice thingys are a mystery.

Since we moved to Santa Fe, any road trips to the Dallas area will take us through Wichita Falls, so I anticipate many trips there in coming years. I like the area, and it's nice to visit there because we have an interest in the area because we were married there. Can't get on the base anymore to even check it out to see if the chapel is still there, though.