Monday, October 6, 2008

A new species of fall weed popping up here


are all over my neighborhood. They popped up like autumn weeds in the last month. Not in the last few days, but for a MONTH now.

I consider myself a tolerant person, at least as far as political expression goes.

I have worked in many many many political campaigns over the years, and I have put campaign signs in my own yard every election year in the past.

BUT. Most communities have ordinances about signs, and as a campaign worker in Kansas, I respected our local Republican party for requiring campaign workers to adhere to the campaign laws in various municipalities in our county.

My subdivision of Eldorado has a CLEAR policy that any campaign sign is not to be placed on personal property any sooner than two weeks before an election.

That means we should be seeing NO campaign signs in our neighborhood until October 21, NOT six weeks before the election as we have been subjected to.

Is this a big deal? Maybe not to some people. But to me -- seeing signs which offend me in the place where I live and for up to three times longer than the local ordinance allows -- yeah it offends me. And it raises questions as to how law abiding our Democrat counterparts are.

I'll be calling our Homes Association today. I know what they will tell me. There is no way to enforce the ordinance.

Sometimes personal responsibility is called for. I certainly am seeing a big lack of it on the roads throughout my subdivision. To me it doesn't matter who you support, this is a matter of being a good citizen and not offending your neighbors for WEEKS and WEEKS before an election.

I am sure the ordinance also says the signs must come down within a day or two after the election. Anxious to see if THAT happens.

< rant over >

~~From Towanda, suffocating among the Obama signs in Eldorado~~

(Disclaimer: The picture of the Obama sign was taken from the Obama website at


Jenny said...

Doesn't surprise me for your area. Seems most of the cities/burbs around Abq, SF, and many of the northern counties (Mora) are Democrat. It's in the more rural areas that are more Republican.

I have my own reasoning on why this is, but I'll keep it to myself, lest I offend someone.

It IS a shame, however, that they can't go by their own rules. If you put out a McCain/Palin sign, bet you would get some phone call complaining then. LOL! If the Association can't/won't do anything about it, put your own sign out. Make them squirm a bit!

Buck said...

Sometimes personal responsibility is called for.

And there's a decided LACK of same amongst the folks in question, no? Be sure and let us know how the phone call went, Sharon.

FWIW... I've not seen a single yard sign here in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park, LOL! And perhaps that's a GOOD thing, I dunno.

Bag Blog said...

Most of the folks in Red River are Republican. Ex-govonor Gary Johnson had been a ski instructor there in his younger days and frequented the area. When we lived in Taos, we attended a Democratic campaign dinner - only five people showed up. Back in the late 60's I remember my mother fixing Tillie Simion's hair for the Repuplican National Convention to which Tillie was the State Rep - she was in her late 70's.

Times change - them folks from California and NY moved into the area...