Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Election Day in Eldorado

We went to the polls yesterday to vote in the election for board members of the Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District. Water has been a huge issue here in the past couple of years, as Eldorado and the Hwy. 285 corridor has faced many problems, such as the availability of water supply, the necessity of infrastructure repair and adequate funding.

So. The turnout for the election was huge ... and the people running the balloting were quite shocked. In the election in 2006, 79 people voted. Yesterday when we were there, almost 600 people had already been through the polling and there were four hours to left to go before the polls closed. Time standing in line was close to an hour -- this was MUCH greater than what we saw in the presidential election in November.

The election people expected a late night counting votes. It may be several days before we find out which candidates won.

Standing in line for such a long time was kind of fun, because being new residents of Eldorado, every community event gives us a chance to see the people who are our neighbors. There was a large number of older people there to vote when we were there, but I think that was because younger people were at work. Standing in the line went quickly because of the friendly atmosphere of the crowd.

The Ken and Patty Adams Senior Center, where the polling took place, has been opened for only a year or two, and this was our first chance to see the inside of it. What a wonderful facility, and already serving the needs of seniors in the Eldorado and surrounding communities. We expect we will be going there a lot in the future for classes and lunches.

Prior to going to vote, we ate lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe, which is just across Hwy. 285 from the main Eldorado entrance. What a comfortable place -- very small, friendly service, good home-cooking menu, and low prices. I had a green chile cheeseburger and John had a bacon blue cheeseburger. I guess business is good -- at 1:30 p.m. every table was full.

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Catmoves said...

Towanda, have you tried the Bobcat Bite for the world's best green chili 'burger? It's super.