Friday, January 2, 2009

The Rail Runner - Albuquerque to Santa Fe

(picture by John)

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express commuter train began service from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on December 17. There seem to be two types of customers being served - work commuters between the ABQ and Santa Fe area, and citizens/tourists who wish to take the train between the two cities for fun.

The first few weeks have been accompanied by some problems which are being ironed out...but LOTS of riders over the holidays. It's too soon to call the Rail Runner a success yet, but it has great possibilities if people will keep riding it. There are a total of four stations planned for Santa Fe, with two functioning now and two more planned for the future.

It has been fun seeing the Rail Runner traveling through the town -- it's quite visible and impressive and already becoming a familiar part of the landscape here in Santa Fe.

The best part for us is that being residents of Santa Fe County, we can ride all Rail Runner trains for free until March 17, 2009, if we provide proof of residency. Looks like a trip on the Rail Runner is part of our future adventures!


DaveG said...

That sounds like something we will want to do when we visit. I'll be watching for a report!

Buck said...

Hmmm. I can see why ABQ residents would want to come to Santa Fe, but the reverse is kind-sorta lost on me... {insert BIG Ol Grin here}

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Sharon, come see us - our place is about 2 miles from the RR station in Bernalillo and between here and there is the Range restaurant, we could hook up for lunch or dinner... or breakfast. Yummy breakfast. We can grab you at the station!

We were going to ride it on one of the free weekends but after hearing about the overcrowding I think we'll just pay the round-trip fare to check it out.


Towanda said...

Dave G - I think it would be worth the ride just to see the scenery between Santa Fe and ABQ.

Buck -- Oh, I would go to ABQ to go to Old Town and maybe the Zoo and the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center and shopping and some restaurants I like which we do't have here and maybe for a Lobos or Isotopes game. My concern is how good the shuttle service is once you get to ABQ.

Raymona - this sounds like a plan! Let's use email to set something up!

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