Friday, January 30, 2009

Is this heaven? Maybe .. it's Lotaburger!

Nothing but nothing says "New Mexico" like Blake's Lotaburger.

A New Mexico institution since 1952, Lotaburger has grown to 75 locations throughout the state. We have several in Santa Fe, and we were just at the one on Cerrillos Road today.

Oh those green chile lotaburgers! Yummo!!

Those incredible breakfast burritos!

No other fast food can top Lotaburger in New Mexico.

(Food pictures from Lotaburger website; Cerrillos Road location picture by John.)


Buck said...

Sigh. None in my neck of the NM woods, alas.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Oh my, their breakfast burritos are amazing!!!

Towanda said...

Apparently eastern NM doesn't have Lotaburgers. We used to go through Clayton whenever we visited NM from Kansas, and I noticed they didn't have them either.

Kelly said...

Whoa, a blast from my past! My mom grew up in Santa Fe and still talks about Lotaburger! That breakfast burrito sounds really good right now.