Monday, January 12, 2009

Saying goodbye to our Christmas tree

Some people don't get attached to their Christmas trees like we do. Christmas ends, and they can't wait to take their tree down - sometimes on Christmas night or the day after Christmas.

We love Christmas trees, and we traditionally wait till well into January to take ours down. This year was especially hard, because it was the interesting, less-than-perfect tree that we drove up into the mountains and tramped around in the snow to find and cut down ourselves. It was our first Christmas tree in New Mexico, and it was hard to undecorate it today, take it down and take it to the Community Center in Eldorado to add it to the pile of trees headed off soon to become mulch to nourish someone's garden.


Kris, in New England said...

I am one who likes to take the tree down pretty quickly. Since we usually host a New Year's Eve party, I leave it up for that. But after that, all the decorations must come down.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry it was sad for you to see the tree go, but I am glad to see that famous blue sky! So beautiful.

Buck said...

I hear ya about Christmas trees, Sharon. It's even sadder when the kids are still in the house, innit?

Brian said... was a tragically ugly tree anyway. It was so ugly, the dogs wouldn't pee on it. Be happy its gone!


Towanda said...


Val said...

I always get choked up about taking down the tree too (no matter how ugly!) It becomes a part of the family!