Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grassroots Activism at the Sign Party

We had a Tax Day sign party tonight at the Whole Hog Cafe in Santa Fe. It was hard to estimate the number of people there because people came and went for three hours, but I would say there were approximately 40 people of all ages. There was a lot of energy directed at the common goal of letting our government know we are tired of all the government spending and bailouts and pork and hints of higher taxes, etc.

For me personally it was a great chance to meet some other conservative and libertarian people. When we arrived in Santa Fe almost a year ago, we knew what a bastion of liberalism Santa Fe is, so it was sure nice to meet other people who believe like John and I do, nice people who care about our country and plan to be silent no more.

P.S. John and I also ate dinner at the Whole Hog, and it was really good. Pulled pork that was tender tender tender. yummmm...


Catmoves said...

Yummy, pulled pork. And a protest movement that wasn't violent, didn't have demigods at its head and therefore went unremarked upon by the media. But it was an honest outpouring of what some Americans are against and want changed. WTG to all who were there.

Towanda said...

Hi cat! I know there is going to be a huge Tax Day tea party in ABQ on April 15, at the Independence Grill, on Montgomery, just west of Louisiana from 4 - 7 p.m.