Thursday, April 2, 2009

Santa Fe, We're having a tea party!

For everyone who is sick and tired of bailouts and trillion dollar budgets and promises of higher taxes and Fannie and Freddie and TARP and globalism and socialism and pork and earmarks and tax cheats and stimulus bills and elected officials who aren't listening to us and who have let us down over and over and over ..... the time for us to SPEAK UP IS HERE! The time has come for us to demand some fiscal restraint and honest people working for us in Washington and most of all the time has come for us to say -- YOU PEOPLE WORK FOR US and we can fire you if need be come the next election .... for everyone who is ready to speak up .... the time has come for the American Tea Party movement - and our chance to tell our leaders what we think and what we expect of them. We are the Silent Majority No More! And ... here in New Mexico, we're turning up the heat ... it's not only our chile that's hot here! This is what is coming in less than two weeks:

What: Tax Day Tea Party Rally

Where: The Plaza in Downtown Santa Fe

When: April 15 2009 from 5-6:30 pm

Speakers: Former Governor of New Mexico Gary E. Johnson and others (to be announced shortly)

What else:
* Live Music
* Children’s Mad Hatter Tea Party and Face Painting
* Petition Signing!
* Register to Vote!

* Bring non-perishable food for donation to the food bank (Pork products suggested!!!!)

In addition to Santa Fe, there are New Mexico tea parties scheduled in Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, Silver City, Hobbs, and more! Power to the people!


Jenny said...

How VERY cool!!!! I hope it's a success!! Wonder if there will be one around P-ville?

Towanda said...

Jenny, I'll keep an eye out on the various NM tea party sites I watch, and let you know. I think I read that Clovis was having one.

Kris, in New England said...

Wow - sounds like fun! Wish I could be there. I can hardly see this happening in the elitist, blue Northeast.

I'm trapped in a liberal wasteland... :-(

Towanda said...

Kris, Oh yes, there are tea parties being planned all over the USA, including New England!

Go here:

and click on your state and find the locations for tea parties -- hopefully one is near you.

Buck said...

I checked the link back when Moogie P. first posted on this a couple of weeks ago... and nothing in our area. Just checked again... still nothing.

Towanda said...


Check this site:

[url] [/url]

About 35 posts down there this a post from a guy named Tim in Clovis who is planning a tea party there.