Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Valley of Fires, Carrizozo

Last Friday, on our road trip through central New Mexico, we had just left Carrizozo when we came upon the Valley of Fires Recreation Area. We had never heard of it, and so it was a surprise to see this vast field of black twisted lava rock. We stopped for pictures, but I only got these two and they really don't show the size of this area, which is 45 miles long. Volcano experts believe that the eruptions which resulted in this huge lava field happened 1000-1500 years ago.

There is a campsite at the recreation area, but I cannot imagine staying there. Other than the yucca growing everywhere among the black rocks, I found the whole place gloomy and dark and depressing. Hence, I only got two pictures and really don't care if I ever see the place again, and would NEVER camp there. *UGH*


Buck said...

Did you walk the trail around the area? The ex-GF and I spent about six hours there a few years back and I was mightily impressed with the lava flows. It's "wild" sort of country, and I like that!

Towanda said...

We didn't get out to walk or explore the area. We were on our way to Socorro and didn't have a lot of time. It is wild looking country, and I think John would have liked taking the trail through part of the park. All we had time for was the photo op. Maybe another time if we get out that way again.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

T - We camped there last October and it really was something... Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, great walks along the lava rocks. Quiet. Fascinating. Check out my Oct blog entries to see more photos.

The park is quite nice, electric & water hookups for RVs on the hill and the tent sites are nestled (which looked a bit snakey too me) against the lava down below. They were really neat sites but did look snakey... They wind blew FIERCELY one night but oh my the STARS. We bundled up in our down throws and hats and sat out for as long as we could.

I love that area.