Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Days till Tax Day


Here in Santa Fe, we are working on the preparations for our city's TEA PARTY:

Wednesday, April 15

At the Plaza

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

In support of smaller government, capitalism, less spending, no more bailouts, no more pork, no more earmarks, no new taxes, NO SOCIALISM!

We are expecting a huge turnout that will make a statement from the grassroots.


Brigette said...

I was there. Amazingly great turnout for a liberal town like Santa Fe. Hopefully this is just the beginning...

Towanda said...

Brigette! Fellow "protestor" - HELLO! I am glad to see that you found my blog site and hope you will visit a lot.

The tea party was wonderful, wasn't it? I met so many people who said they never would have expected anything like this to happen in Santa Fe. There were so many really nice people there - darn, I wish I could have met you -- maybe at the next event.

I was astounded at the turnout. The people we had been working with to make the signs kept telling us a lot of people would attend, but to actually SEE that many people on the Plaza in Santa Fe was really just amazing. It was a GREAT evening, wasn't it?

We got a lot of pictures and I will be posting them to the blog will be hard to limit the number -- between my husband and I, I think we got close to 100 pictures.

Brigette said...

Were you at one of the sign-making parties at Whole Hog? All my daughters and I were at the first one, but one of the kids got sick and I couldn't make the second one.

Towanda said...


I was at both of the sign parties. I think I remember you from the first party.

Is this you and your daughters in the first picture here?