Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh those tumbling tumbleweeds!

Man! Is there a greater pest in the southwest USA than the ubiquitous tumbleweed?

They're ugly, they stick to anything they tumble into, and they have sharp needles that can stick you good when you try to remove them from your bushes, fences, etc.

Today I was out pulling tumbleweeds off my bushes and dispatching them down the driveway -- so now they are either caught on something out on the wild part of our property, or they are still tumbling across Eldorado. But I KNOW next time I go outside I will just find more of them tangled up in our shrubbery.

These pictures didn't turn out real well, but not to worry -- I can get more later!


Jenny said...

I can SO relate to this!!! Need to clean out my garden area today and it's full of the darn things!

Buck said...

Yup. We've had a BUMPER crop of the danged things down this way. They got so bad out at the base that they took a length of the base's perimeter fence down.

Kelly said...

I live in the high desert of Southern Oregon and we have these tumble weeds everywhere too. The other day I pointed one out that was blowing across the street and my husband said "That's not a tumble weed, that's a hillbilly bouquet!"

Uh, I guess that's one way to look at it! :) Although I just can't imagine one of these displayed in a vase on someone's dining table ... can you?