Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sign of the times: another Eldorado business closing

My birthday was Friday, and John went to the flower shop in the Agora Center in Eldorado to get me the above flowers, and when he was there, found out that the little flower and card shop is closing. I think it is most likely due to two things: the tough economy for small business owners, and perhaps the lack of business traffic these little shops in Eldorado get.

Several places have closed just since we moved here: the furniture store, the ladies used clothing store, Brumby's Bar and Grill, and the Wild Wild Wok. Now the floral and card shop...

I know the reason for that too: it is so much cheaper for us to buy our groceries and everything else in town than to frequent the little businesses at the Agora. So, ultimately, we the residents bear much of the responsbility if they close.

I would like to say that John and I will patronize the businesses that remain, but the reality is, in these hard times, we are trying to save money where we can and we tend to give our business to the stores with the lower prices, even if it means driving by the small shops at the Agora and heading into town.

Sign of the times......


Buck said...

I'll repeat my Facebook comment: Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon! I hope your birthday was full of good things; the flowers are certainly beautiful.

I haven't noticed any businesses closing in P-Ville lately... that all happened gradually in the two years after Wal-Mart moved in. Which isn't slamming Wally-World... it is what it is.

I pretty much continue to shop as before... which is to say a bi-weekly trip out to the commissary and frequent small runs to Wal-Mart and over to Clovis for things I can't get in P-Ville.

Towanda said...

We have always tried to save money and buy things at discount or sale prices, so it is difficult to change that and decide to support local businesses which tend to be more expensive. But it is also sad to see local small shops go out of business.

We are seeing quite a few businesses closing in and around Santa Fe.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....they sure aren't the same at our age are they? LOL

Buck said...

"...they sure aren't the same at our age are they? LOL"

You got THAT right, LOL!

Bag Blog said...

Happy belated birthday!

I don't know about Eldorado, but in the RR area prices for business are sky-high. People open up these businesses with high hopes, but reality is that there are off seasons where little money is made, but bills still have to be paid. Businesses come and go so frequently that it makes the locals wary of doing business with the new businesses - not good either.

Towanda said...

We were just in RR one time, but the restaurant prices were VERY high. I know that is expected in a resort area, but I wonder how hard a time they are having now that the economy is so bad.

Karin_Hosenfeld said...

I try to do a little combination of both shopping for the cheaper items at the big stores and shopping for items at the Mom & Pop places. We've got a lot of those around here in my area, too. Some prices are outrageous, but if you spend enough time browsing, there are unique little things that aren't that expensive and can only be found in these types of stores. Above all, I'll pay a little more if the product is MADE IN THE USA!! :)