Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Eldorado Wilderness

Yesterday John, the dogs and I located all four trailheads of the Eldorado Community Preserve. What a great place!

The Eldorado Community Preserve consists of 4,094 acres of wilderness land adjacent to the subdivision of Eldorado at Santa Fe, and stretching all the way down to Lamy, NM. The land was deeded in perpetuity to the Eldorado Community Improvement Association (ECIA) as long as it is used only as a nature preserve.

One of the best amenities in Eldorado is this wilderness area, which is only for the use of Eldorado residents and our guests. It is a place of natural vegetation and wildlife. There are hiking trails and horse paths. We will be going there often!

The view from Starman's perspective:

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Buck said...

Looks like you're gonna give Lin a run for her money when it comes to scenery, Sharon. Petroglyph's aside, of course! ;-)

Your views are magnificent. It's SO flat in my part of NM; I have to drive about an hour to see the smallest rise in the terrain...