Sunday, June 15, 2008

The First Rule of Life in New Mexico:

Never miss a sunset!

These pictures were taken from our house looking west towards the Jemez Mountains.



clairz said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. What a great view you have from your new place.

I think you've got it figured out--there are very few rules about living in New Mexico, but this is a good one!

Jenny said...

NEVER miss a sunset!! Beautiful pics!

Buck said...


Our sunsets have been pretty mundane, of late. It takes clouds to make the best ones, and we've been essentially could-free for waay too long now. Still and even, even the cloudless skies going from pink to light blue to magenta make for nice viewing, with the appropriate accompaniments! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Those sunsets are beautiful. You will have lots more.

Jenn said...

First time here, the pictures are beautiful!

Towanda said...

I decided when we moved to relax and not be a big rule person either ... but I make an exception for my sunset rule. :)

Buck ... Sometimes we go for quite a few nights in a row with those gentle pink cloudless sunsets .. I like those too!

Lou, We make sure we check out the sunsets every night ... they are always different and sometimes spectacular. You already know that!

Hi Jenn ... thanks for checking out my blog ... I bet you came here from Bag Blog's really sweet link.