Saturday, June 21, 2008

Watching the sky

We need rain. It's in the forecast.

The sky looks promising. We're watching the sky.

We're hoping...

My flowers would love it.


Jenny said...

Did you get some rain? We sure need it. If we don't get an inch in the next couple weeks, we may not get to plant our crop this year. THAT'S scary. Have had it all around us all week, but only a couple tenths here and lots of grass fires.

Buck said...

I'm surprised... but not really, coz I know how it goes here... that all y'all didn't get any rain, judging from the look of your skies.

We got more rain last night, but as Jenny noted, it's very "hit and miss." I might drenched while Jenny stays bone-dry, and she's only about 15 miles from me.