Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Friday Farmer's Market at Eldorado

Yesterday was our first visit to the Eldorado Farmer’s Market, which takes place every Friday afternoon from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. in a parking lot across from the Agora Shopping Center.

Not too many vendors there yet – only half a dozen yesterday. I think there will be many more when the veggie harvest starts coming in. Yesterday we saw lots of herbs, flower and vegetable plants, early lettuce, other salad greens, and radishes, some really huge beautiful tomatoes, eggs, cheese, and even live baby turkeys!

More fun for us was being a part of the crowd – people watching and feeling our beginning ties to the Eldorado community.

Note to selves: next time bring camera.


Jenny said...

There is NOTHING like a homegrown tomato. It just puts the crap in the grocery stores to shame. Slice them up with some salt and homegrown bacon, lettuce and cheddar cheese, that's my favorite kind of BLT!!

Buck said...

Note to selves: next time bring camera.

Yep! Agreed!! And I love Farmers Markets. Great Good Things, they are.

Towanda said...

In the confusion of moving right at the beginning of growing season, we didn't get any tomatoes planted. Next year I will try some and see how they do. And there is always the farmer's market this year to provide us big juicy local ones.

Hey you two - does Portales have a farmer's market? I am sure every town must have one.

Buck said...

Jenny's the authority here. If P-Ville has a Farmers Market it's unknown to me...