Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving Day

Our moving in day was Monday, May 19. The moving van could not back up our driveway, so they had to use a UHaul shuttle to transport everything. Long day!

Our large leather reclining sofa was a big problem for the movers. After consulting and trying several things to get it into the house, they finally decided to lift it over the courtyard wall. That worked!


The question now is ... how long will it take us to unpack ALL THIS STUFF?


Buck said...

The question now is ... how long will it take us to unpack ALL THIS STUFF?

The real answer is "never" or "forever," if you're like most people, Sharon... I still had unpacked boxes (opened only to see what was inside, and left unpacked) from two prior moves when I held my Great Divestiture sale.

Unpacked boxes: That's what basements, attics, and/or garages are for! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I'd rather unpack than pack. It is like a second chance to decide if you really need some things. Finding a place for things - making it all work is the good part of the move - making your house a home.

Jenny said...

Just take it one box at a time! Good luck!! LOL!

Towanda said...

I love unpacking and finding a place for everything. My kitchen is almost completely settled, and little by little we are unpacking boxes. Sometimes it feels like Christmas because some of these things have been packed for a long time in anticipation of the move.

Lou~ I already have one bin filled and another one half-filled marked "DONATE". :)