Thursday, June 5, 2008

A season of firsts

Here in a new home in a new state, it seems like everything we are doing is a "first".

First time to go to the local grocery stores (we have Albertson's and Smith's, and so far I like them equally.) First time to see my new endocrinologist as well as my new ophthamologist. First time to pick up prescriptions at the local CVS Pharmacy. Today was my first time to buy any plants in New Mexico - getting ready to start my herb garden. We've seen our first tiny lizard, our first robin, and heard our first mourning dove.

Two days ago we went to the Vista Grande Public Library for the first time. What a good amenity this is right here in Eldorado. It's a small library, but it looks more than sufficient to meet our needs. The building is new and staffed by volunteers from the Eldorado area. It has a small community friendly feeling. I grew up in a tiny town where the library was one of the anchors holding the town together and providing a hangout for local residents. I hope the Vista Grande Public Library will turn out to be like that library of my childhood.


(Photo from Vista Grande Public Library website)


Val said...

Vista Grande is one of the best small libraries in the state. They have great fund raising parties, book sales, and the board has been a very devoted group of people. You are lucky to have it in your area!

Buck said...

Wow...there ya go, Sharon. First-hand testimony, one would think (but I can't be sure...private profile, and all).

I hope ALL your "firsts" are pleasant.

Jenny said...

Looks like a neat little library!

Towanda said...

Val, coming from a librarian, that means a lot!

Vista Grande is having a book sale tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

Even more .... looking forward to that Ice Cream Social in August!!!! :)

Bag Blog said...

When I was little the "Book Mobile" in NM was very exciting. I think it still runs.

Hollyhocks are my favorite and they grow so well in NM.