Monday, June 23, 2008

Waldo Canyon Road

Yesterday we took a ride the length of Waldo Canyon Road, from Cerrillos west to I-25 near La Cienga south of Santa Fe.

What a lovely road through the Cerrillos Hills - just wonderful scenery. The pictures will not do it justice.


Lin said...

My word, girl, how did you get this far ahead of me with your postings! You are obviously FAR too organized and settled in already.

Did you stop by Mary's Bar in Cerrillos for a cold one on the way back? Mark, Col, Red and Sally did just recently. It's just become the thing to do while out driving those back waters. I liked their high gloss enamel turquoise tin walls and ceilings. Mary finally retired but her daughter took over.

Buck said...

Well... **I** think your photos do the landscape justice, Sharon. I will admit it's difficult to capture the panoramic sense of space in a single photo, but ya done GOOD!

Jenn said...

I think the pictures are great I really like the last one with the horses in it!