Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Second Rule of Life in New Mexico:

Watches are optional.

I have not had a watch on in the month we have lived here.

(Photo by Katushiro on Flickr.)


Buck said...

Old habits die hard, especially for someone who's been called a Type-A personality (largely by folks who tend to judge a book by its cover, but tis another story, that.).

I'd be lost without my watch, in NM or anywhere else. Might be late for a meeting, ya know. ;-)

Towanda said...

Buck ~ I am about as type A as one can get....if I can do it, so can you.


Val said...
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Val said...

I am with you! I used to obsess about time. I haven't worn a watch in about 3 years. I have found, when I need to know the time - there are other clocks available. If there are no clocks around - it probably isn't that important.

Buck said...


Aiiieee! I. just. can't. DO. it!


Bag Blog said...

The State Song in NM should be from the musical "Annie" "There's always tomorrow..."