Friday, June 27, 2008

Santa Fe Greenhouses

We made our first trip on Wednesday to Santa Fe Greenhouses and it won't be our last.

The place is incredible; huge grounds; an extensive inventory of plants, shrubs, vines, bushes, trees, soils and additives, gardening accessories.

My favorite thing was that plants are clearly labeled if they are "xeric" so beginners like me can immediately know what varieties are good to plant in a xeric garden.

Not knowing if it is too late in the season we got only a few plants to baby along through the hot summer; in the fall or next spring we can go more crazy buying plants. We bought two coreopsis, two French lavenders, and one agastache(hummingbird mint).

The coreopsis are my favorite garden flowers (see below); I had good luck with them in Kansas and am anxious to see how they do here. John planted them Wednesday night and said we have the worst soil he has ever seen - rock hard clay, even worse than the caliche in Texas. I guess it is a good thing for us there are desert drought-resistant plants that can develop root systems in this soil.

(Photo from Flickr)


Jenny said...

Very pretty!! I want a beautiful garden and yard with lots of flowers, roses, interesting things in it. I have the WANT, but a thumb only green enough to have a decent lawn. I seem to kill everything else. sigh...

Buck said...

I learned something today... thanks, Sharon. I had to look up "xeric," even though your meaning was quite clear from the context.

Good luck with your soil! I suspect acquisition of a rototiller isn't too far off in the future... ;-)

Lin said...

Ohhh, I am jealous! We had great luck with the coreopsis back east as well so thanks for the heads up. I also look at our soil and groan. But I have my eye on this huge block of sphagnum moss that I spotted a Lowe's during the last fevered rounds in town and it has me fired up again. That and a few pilfered cow pies and meadow muffins and I just might be able to tame this concrete soil.